Street Light Electric Car Charging Comes To London

We’ve seen lamp post charging before, but this may be the first time a major European city is being used as a test bed for street traffic sign charging. wants to do just that – bring curbside charging to London in the form of low-power, street light-mounted charging stations.

“Seventy-two percent of drivers in London don’t have off-street parking. If you want an electric car, not being able to charge at home is a major disincentive.” +


Report on EVs from Chargepoint

The US company Chargepoint has issued its 2016 report on EV and EV charging. What can be interesting for us in Europe is the identification of 4 types of drivers, the market split BEV/PHEV, and where EV are most charged.

A key point to note is that having EV charging available at work makes employees 20 times more likely to drive electric.